Design process

initial consultation - We meet on-site to discuss your dreams for your landscape and then submit a written proposal for its design.

the base map - We measure, photograph, and do site analysis of your property to create a base map.

the concept plan - Using the base map, we draw a concept plan for your garden or landscape. This scale drawing may be accompanied by elevation or perspective drawings to better illustrate our design ideas. Other visual aids, such as rock or paver samples and lighting brochures, are provided.

the masterplan - Once the concept plan has been finalized, we create your masterplan which shows all materials used including outdoor lighting, plus a planting plan and plant list. If needed, we include construction drawings.

contract and construction oversight - Rely on us to explain and compare the bid proposals you'll receive prior to contract signing, as well as to keep the construction of your project on plan to help ensure that you 'get what you paid for'.

the follow-up visit: 1 year later - We meet with you to assess your new landscape and to address any plant care/maintenance issues and troubleshoot any problems.

  • Design services
  • concept and masterplans
  • elevation and perspective drawings
  • planting plans for bed rejuvenation
  • contract review
  • project oversight
  • containers and raised beds
  • garden coaching for